Immy finds her feet

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    At a birthday party in Cardiff
    At a birthday party in Cardiff
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    With her Birthday cake in Oxford
    With her Birthday cake in Oxford
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     Cycling in Carmathenshire.
    Cycling in Carmathenshire.
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    Immy does Sponsored walk round Roath lake for Bobath
    Immy does Sponsored walk round Roath lake for Bobath
  • Imogens Story

    After a trouble-free pregnancy, Imogen’s problems at birth came as a terrible shock. She was born with an unusual kind of jaundice and her liver was not functioning properly. She spent the first three weeks of her life in the neonatal unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, whilst the doctors tried to find out what was wrong and to stabilise her blood sugars.

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  • Why we were fundraising

    Imogen was 6 years old when this journey started. She has cerebral palsy. She wanted to walk, like her school friends, but when she tried her muscles stiffen and her feet crossed over. The surgery is not funded by the NHS in Cardiff and we needed to raise £40k for the surgery, flights and accommodation. She was accepted for spinal surgery in Missouri, USA, which will help her to.....

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Immy and Russell 2

Russel runs the Cardiff half-marathon

At very short notice Russell Barwise took over from Sarah Walsh (who was planning to run for Immy) to run the Cardiff half marathon, but was unable to do so. (more…)


$1050 raised for Immy by troops in Afghanistan!

Mark, husband of one of Sue’s colleagues (Christine) has organised a massive contribution to Immy’s fund from his workplace in Afghanistan (more…)

Rachel and Jon

Rachel and Jon run 10km for Immy

Rachel and Jon sing in the same church choir as Sue and were disappointed not to be able to do the sponsored walk… so they decided to run a 10km race instead (which is much harder work) (more…)

5k run

Karyn and Anouk run 5k for Immy

My lovely friend Anouk, and her friend Karyn, decided to do a 5km fun run and raise sponsorship towards Immy’s fund. (more…)

Rainbows picture

Roath Park Rainbows and Brownies help raise funds to send Immy on her way!

Huge thanks to 1st and 2nd Roath Park Rainbows and 71st Brownies who held a fab fundraising party and raised a wonderful sum for Immy’s fund! (more…)

St Thomas church

Variety concert at St Thomas’ Heigham Norwich

Our lovely friends at St Thomas’ Heigham in Norwich have been collecting money towards Imogen’s fund for months now. The latest event is a variety concert organised by Karen and friends. Do get some tickets and go along if you can! (more…)


amazing new auction lot – 2 weeks in Australian paradise

The auction has closed! Highest bid = 800 Australian dollars (= approx £500). We have the most amazing new auction lot offered by my lovely aunt in Australia. A two-week stay, March 2013, in 4-bed house near the beach on the Mornington Peninsular near Melbourne (more…)


Silent auction… shhhhh!

Unbelievably it’s 20 years since Sue went to University and the occasion was marked by a reunion dinner on 31 March. We held a silent auction to raise money for Immy (more…)


Community coffee morning in Capel Isaac – Saturday 19 May

Peter and Esme Mitchell are hosting a community event in their beautiful and historic house in Capel Issac, outside Llandeilo, on 19 May, from 10.30-12.30. (more…)

Immy and Sophie

Sophie and friends fundraising at Cardiff High School

Sophie Thomas, Sophie James and their friends at Cardiff High organised a fundraising extravaganza and raised a whopping £1000 for Immy, who collected the cheque in their year Assembly this morning – amazing! (more…)


Hannah and Aimee race around the Rec

Hannah and Aimee raise £110 on a sponsored run (more…)

Alex on his walk

4.5 miles on crutches!

Alex Bennett has walked 4.5 miles round Greenham Common on crutches to raise more than £1100 for Immy! (more…)

open house in York

Shearer girls baking for York!

My lovely schoolfriend Rachel and her three young daughters Ella, Annie and Maya baked enough cakes to feed half of York (more…)

cup cakes

Sophie (7) starts a new cake-baking business..

Sophie knows Imogen from church. Her brilliant idea for fundraising was to create a menu, take orders for cakes from her neighbours, and then bake and deliver them with her nan, Anne. (more…)

child cycling

Dylan’s 10km cycle round Roath Park

Dylan cycles 10km for Imogen – 25 March (more…)

computer rage

Sponsor Sue’s political conversion…

Sue’s colleague Simon set her a sponsored reading list over Christmas in an attempt to moderate her views… (more…)


Isla’s new year resolution

Isla resolved to make sure her two small boys were wearing matching socks for at least a month in 2012. (more…)

running mage

Richard runs a half-marathon

Richard Stephens and his cousin Carwyn Thompson ran the Lichfield half marathon on 6 May for Immy (more…)

Weekly cake-bake

Weekly cake-bake at the Registry, Cardiff University

Huge thanks to Lizanne Duckworth and some of her colleagues who have been “Baking for Immy” (more…)


Sponsor Sue to watch telly

Elisabeth’s fundraising idea was to sponsor Sue to watch telly – (more…)


Clothes swap

Friday 30 March, 7.30-9.30 Roath Park Primary School


Ladies Night at Roath Park

Thursday 8 March 6-9pm. Roath Park Primary School. Miss Sheikh and the staff at Roath Park Primary School are organising a ladies night of fashion, food and dancing – which will really celebrate the cultural diversity of our school. (more…)


Cake and toy sales at Plasnewydd Community Centre

Monday 13 and Wednesday 15 February 10.30-12.00





Cardiff Whales logo

Cardiff Whales Swimming Club sponsored swim

Date:Sunday 11 March at 3pm, Splott Pool, Cardiff


Casey girls coast-to-coast cycle ride, May day weekend

Date: 07 May 2012 – Sue’s young nieces have just cycled the coast-to-coast in 3 days, and raised more than £1200 for their cousin. An astonishing achievement!

Recent News

  • IMG_3188

    New year update

    Winter time is always more of a challenge. Viruses, cold weather, layers of bulky clothes, tiredness, lack of opportunities for exercise outside etc all conspire to making Imogen a bit tighter and less mobile. The run up to Christmas this year also saw Imogen getting a new walking frame – well two actually, one bought [...]

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  • P1080471

    Immy finds her hands

    For the first time this year I took unpaid leave over the summer holiday, and this has given us all opportunity to properly relax but also do some sustained work on things with Immy. We also went on some fantastic sunny trips to East Anglia, Aberystwyth, The Hague and Bergerac meeting up with family and [...]

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  • 2 years today!

    We had a little celebration to mark the 2 year anniversary of Immy’s surgery today. Cake for breakfast (kindly baked by a friend) and the children and I wore our St Louis Children’s Hospital t-shirts for the day. I’m actually surprised to say this as I really thought progress would be levelling off now, but [...]

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Media Updates

  • Imogens Videos & Description

    These are some of the videos we took as part of the assessment process for eligibility for the surgery.  We made about twenty of these, each one illustrating an different example of how Imogen’s body moves when she tries to do something. Video – 1 This first one was taken to show how she moves [...]

FAQs for SDR

1. What happens if Imogen does not have the surgery? In the short term, we carry on as we are with regular physiotherapy and possibly more botox injections to the muscles in Imogen’s legs to reduce the stiffness. Botox, however, only lasts for 4 – 6 months before the effect wears off, and over time her body will become less responsive to it.